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Sphynx Kittens For Sale

Welcome to our Sphynx Kittens Cattery. We are a licensed cattery with TICA/CFA Registered Sphynx Kittens for sale. The most distinctive feature of the sphynx cat is its appearance of hairlessness. The Sphynx is of medium size and body conformation with substantial weight for its size. Females are generally smaller than males. The head shape is a modified wedge, with prominent cheekbones and whisker pads giving a squared appearance to the muzzle. The body is warm and soft to the touch, with a skin texture akin to either a soft peach or a smooth nectarine. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and viewing the photos of my Sphynx cats and kittens. Our sphynx kittens come in all colors. Including black, white, blue, tabby, points,  minks, and occasionally odd eyed:)

Sphynx Kittens as Pets

The Sphynx is sweet-tempered, lively, intelligent, and amenable to handling. My Sphynx cats and Sphynx kittens are part of our family. Sphynx kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are socialized and ready for their new environment around 12-14 weeks old.I love talking with potential owners about my Sphynx hairless kittens and sharing pictures  I am very proud of all of my hairless cats.

TICA/CFA Sphynx Kittens for Sale

Sphynx cats are among the most loving and friendly cats. If you want a cat who will sleep on your lap while you watch TV, snuggle up with you at night, and greet you at the door after work, this breed will not disappoint. They are gentle, easygoing, and good with kids, dogs, and other cats.

The flip side of all that friendliness is that they need companionship. This breed does not like being left alone, and they have a desperate need for attention. If you get one, you need to be able to return all the affection and love it gives you.  If you get both cats as kittens and they grow up together, they will certainly become best friends.

About Breed

The Sphynx is a pretty interesting breed, and here’s why:

-The Sphynx is not actually hairless, but covered in a coat of down. In fact, the skin texture resembles that of chamois leather.
-The Sphynx likes to keep warm by rubbing up against other animals or people. Because of their lack of hair, they are very warm and soft to the touch.
-Two hairless kittens found in Minnesota in the 1970s had a major influence on establishing the Sphynx breed along with Prune’s relatives. Their names? Dermis and Epidermis.
-An adult Sphynx weighs between 6 and 12 pounds

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